Services Offered By AKD Group

Being a Pakistani, you might have heard of the financial institution called AKD Groups which deals with security and trade all over the country since the beginning of the country itself! The AKD group was established by Haji Abdul Kareem Dhedhi and his son, Aqeel Karim Dhedhi is the chairman.


AKD has catered a lot of services over the past decades. Let’s take a detailed look at his services, shall we?
AKD Security Services

AKD Services has a pretty unconventional approach when it comes to fraud and security. With the use of intelligent methodologies against frauds and theft threats, AKD has done pretty well in this area. It offers facilities like fraud intelligence training, fraud and security advisory services, security risk workshops as well as security audit work.

AKD Investment Management Limited

AKD Group also has an investment management branch known as the AKD Investment Management Limited (AKDIML). It has a glorious history of making returns to all of their investors, it is supported by a very well diversified group with a pretty well qualified human resource in the financial sector.

AKDIML Wealth Management

Wealth Management services offered by AKDIML takes assets management to another level! The clients are offered custom designed investment solutions with his financial advisors maintaining a close-knit connection to them. The command is set by the clients, then the advisors develop an investment strategy based on their instructions; keeping their limits intact! Every penny is invested upon the client’s instruction which ultimately makes the client in-charge of their own $$$. You’re the real boss here!

Mutual Fund

AKD Group also offers a mutual fund which is an investment tool made up of pool of funds collected from investors for the purpose of investing in various asset classes including stocks, bonds, money market instruments etc. Four open-ended and one closed ended funds are currently being run in the AKDIML.
Investment Research

Investment Research is another dimension of the AKD Securities. It makes use of insightful research which is the most significant aspect of the services they provide to investment professionals and all of their other clients. Research Analysts are trained well to identify potential investment ideas and strategies that enable their investor clients to achieve above average returns from the capital markets.

Domestic & International Brokerage

It also deals with Domestic & International Brokerage for both, International and Domestic Institutional Sales. They are catering a wide range of global investors including a host of long-only and hedge funds. The superior market intelligence belonging to the AKD Securities takes it to the edge! AKD Securities LTD is a preferred broker of most major domestic institutions with a broad base of high net worth individuals. They allow a continuous flow of information from influential investors in the market.


The AKD Group also deals with ventures like Investment Banking, Call Centre, Advantage which is an online fund transfer facility, Off hour trading facility and Pocket stocks facility.


Meta Description: An organization as old as Pakistan. Read all about the services offered by the famous AKD group in all over Pakistan!


Aqeel Karim Dhedhi, a strong man and a robust tycoon


How it all started for Aqeel Karim Dhedhi

However, the world compliments him for being a self-made and self-dignified man. His own take on himself is the complete opposite. For AKD it all started with his father being his life tutor. He himself in an interview for some web news said, and we quote” I am not self-made, all I am is because of my father. We have our difference earlier in life, he wanted to restrict me towards studies and I have no interest in that. But my father never left me, even when I was stubborn. I have gained all my practical experience by being under my father.”

Family business status, pre-partitioned

Haji Abdul Kareem, father of Aqeel Karim Dhedhi has his business expanded to Colombo and Chittagong even. Their business categories lie from the stock market, gold future, textiles, and engineers. With all the glory of being called industrialist, HAR and sons, enjoy the autonomy of having a preference share hold of the kathiyawari industry.

AKD thanks his father’s far visionary, which forced them to migrate and shift everything prior to the partition. In 1946, a year earlier than partition AHR was already on the Pakistani side of the sub-continent. All of which work out to be in their favor.

They manage to maintain a name and brand in constructions, imports and exports right after coming to Pakistan. And we all know their success from that point on.

Being so indulged in business, how does he manage a private personal life?

As a quite shock, AKD has nothing under his control. All of his business is being controlled by his daughters. Where his eldest daughter is looking after, AKD Securities, his other two daughters are responsible for AKD Investments and Constructions, respectively. He himself claimed to only intervene when needed and rest for the whole day (if he can).

How does he see his achievements?

From one of his many ones on one interview, AKD himself called them the biggest idiot, who thinks he has everything and has achieved it all. He sure has a different sense of work ethics in him, with his father being his role model. Who even at the death bed was so active and energetic that, AKD himself wants the same for himself. In his eyes, he has done nothing extra and his journey of success and struggle is going to be a lifetime venture.


Any tips for the newcomers?

Aqeel Kareem Dhedi has been a student of his father’s clever vision. A lot of his stock hacks and tips revolve around his early days learning, that he achieved formally from HAR. For the newcomers however he has some really interesting tips.

One of the most popular traits he suggests to almost everyone is to be a value buyer and not a speculator. His father once told him, that the key to success lies in being a great investor only, and not in being a critic speculator. According to him, newcomers should focus on the basics first.